Fire Damage Restoration Specialists


Are you looking for a way to cope with fire damage repair at your home or place of business? Even a small fire feels devastating and overwhelming, and most people have no idea of what steps need to be taken.
The first step is immediate professional water, smoke, and fire damage mitigation to prevent the need for further fire damage restoration. This, plus completing a prompt and detailed inventory of the needed fire damage repair is required to meet insurance company requirements. That’s followed by a long series of complex and technical steps for complete fire and smoke damage restoration of the building and its contents.
There is a single company you can count on to perform all those fire and smoke damage needs: ACR Services DKI. Our 24/7 emergency service can be there within an hour for those time-critical tasks. Our experience has prepared us for everything, from superficial cleaning to major structural renovation. As a general contractor, we’re licensed for just about everything you could possibly need.
We’re certified in cleaning and restoration by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) — the leading international organization in the industry, for both residential and commercial buildings. In fact we’re an IICRC Teaching Firm, training other companies!

ACR Services DKI has been in business for over 20 years and is licensed, bonded, and insured. With us, each restoration technician is experienced, extensively trained, and cares about you and your property. All of us recognize that you are in a very difficult situation and we are dedicated to the very best in customer service.
We know how to meet insurance treatment and documentation requirements, and will bill and work with them directly for your protection and convenience.
So call us for any fire damage removal service you might need, start to finish. You can then rest assured that everything that needs to be done will be done, and done properly.

24/7 Fast Reponse Fire Damage Restoration

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Why Choose ACR Services DKI For Fire Damage Repair?

We have specialists well-qualified for all the steps along the way, including


  • Securing the building and property access
  • Assessing, inventorying, and documenting all damage
  • Pack out, treat, and store building contents
  • Fire damage removal and temporary structural repairs
  • Smoke and odor removal
  • Related water damage restoration and repairs (including mold remediation)
  • Building repairs and restoration
  • Clean up and haul away (including proper disposal of toxic materials), and return treated belongings.

Water Damage and Related Fire Damage Removal Services

After a fire you’ll almost certainly have water damage issues from the fire-fighting effort. We’ll bring in our certified in-house water damage restoration specialists to take care of all that. Your belongings will typically be taken care of at our environmentally-controlled storage and treatment facilities after a swift pack out.
For your building we begin with our truck-mounted pumping and high-performance water-extraction equipment. We also maintain a large inventory of the the latest state-of-the art equipment for the all-important building dry out. While many companies rely only on ventilation and heat for moisture removal, we also use the latest refrigerant dehumidification equipment.