Content Pack Out Service Professionals

Are you facing the stressful situation of fire damage, water damage, or a major mold problem? Professional pack out services are a key part of the remediation process, protecting and treating your furnishings and belongings.
Your possessions may already be damaged, possibly beyond repair, or they may become damaged if they remain in your home or place of business. Or if they’re stored without proper drying, cleaning, and treatment. For insurance purposes, you’ll need a detailed inventory and documentation of any and all damage. Moving and storage companies can’t even begin to address these issues. You need professional pack out services from damage cleaning and restoration companies like ACR Services DKI.
Our well-trained experts are available 24/7 for those critical initial mitigation treatments and assessment of your situation. Our company combines over 15 years of extensive experience with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We’ll work directly with your insurance company.


Why Content Pack Out Services?

Insurance companies require immediate and proper mitigation against further damage for policy coverage. While it’s often possible to do this on site at your home or business, it’s often better to remove furniture, clothing, and other possessions for off site treatment. This gets them out of a wet or contaminated environment, and to a location for better treatment under controlled conditions. It also keeps them safe and out of the way during building restoration.
Pack out services provide the very best care and protection for your quality furnishings and treasured possessions. It takes care of their removal, treatment, and return.


What We Do

ACR Services begins by inspecting everything and itemizing all affected contents of the building, sorting them into salvageable and non-salvageable categories. We’ll create a detailed inventory, documenting all damage accurately and completely as required for your insurance claim. That inventory includes any items you may choose to keep in your possession. We’re happy to advise you on restoration versus replacement decisions.
We then transport everything to our secure climate-controlled facility. As needed, certified technicians will clean, dry, restore, and de-odorize various items, and prepare everything for storage. At your choice, storage can last until your home or place of business is restored, or until you find alternative housing. During that period our facilities are open to allow inspections by you and your insurance company. We also store un-salvageable items as required for insurance inspections.


ACR’s pack out service goes well beyond furniture, and includes draperies, electronics, personal items, files and documents… everything. We recognize the importance of fast treatment for items you’ll need immediately, including specialized dry cleaning of clothing.
Finally, pack out also includes re-delivery.
Our company specializes in cleaning and damage restoration services, including pack out. Our well trained and experienced technicians are also caring. They recognize that many common items may have great sentimental value, and appreciate the importance of family heirlooms.
ACR is veteran owned, with 15 years of experience and the latest in cleaning, dry out, and restoration equipment for fire and smoke damage, water damage, and mold remediation. We’re certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the international leader in our industry. ACR Services DKI is also bonded, licensed, and fully insured.
Our one-hour fast-dispatch emergency services are available 24/7, and we’ll bill your insurance company directly.
Call us for thorough, conscientious, and caring pack out and restoration services.